GraceMill is a network of simple faith communities gathering together to celebrate the wonder of God and serve our community in practical ways. 


grace (gr s) n

  • divine love and favor freely bestowed on people

mill (m l) n.

  • a process, agency, or institution that processes raw materials into a finished product.

Old mills are a common relic of the agricultural past of the east coast. Powered by flowing water, they transformed wheat, logs, and apples into useful products like flour, boards, and cider. They were the hub of their community, the place where lasting friendships were made. Like these mills of old, GraceMill seeks to be an agent of transformation. Powered by the flowing Spirit of God, its purpose is to turn the raw materials of our lives into something useful for God and our communities.

Imperfection is the prerequisite for grace. Light only gets in through the cracks. -Philip Yancey.